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Bathtub Grab Bar Placement Guide

Which bathtub grab bars do I need and where should I place them?

We recommend at least one vertical and one horizontal grab bar for all bathtub setups; the horizontal for pulling oneself safely out of a sitting position and the vertical for stability while standing up in and entering/exiting the tub. Bathtub grab bars are generally installed in the following four tub locations:

  • Entry/Exit: We recommend 1 vertical straight grab bar on the wall nearest the tub entry point. The point of this bar is to steady the transition between the bathroom floor and the bathtub floor. This is an area where many slips occur especially when people climb over the side of the tub.
  • Side Wall (Opposite of Entry): We recommend 1 horizontal straight grab bar along the side wall (usually 34-36 inches). This should be easily reached with one hand while holding on to the entry bar with the other.
  • Back Wall (Opposite of Faucet Wall): We recommend 1 horizontal straight grab bar.
  • Faucet Wall: We recommend 1 vertical straight grab bar near the faucet handles and 1 horizontal straight grab bar below it, to steady the user as they adjust the water flow and shower head. Alternatively, you can use an L-Shape grab bar for multi directional pulling.

Bathtub grab bar placement and set up ultimately comes down to the user’s preference, the size of the tub, and the tub type (step-in vs. tub/shower combination). A bathtub grab bar should always be close to the hand and the next bar never too far away.

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